The Veg Question,
Is eating meat natural and acceptable?

This is one of the most actual question, making 2 billions of people vegetarian/vegan around the world

Originally asked by
Pythagoras, Socrates, Hippocrates, Plato, Confucius, Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci and many other enlightened minds, this important question reveals why we are human, let’s speak about it, shortly, in being very relevant and simple

So, is eating meat natural and acceptable?

Yes it is, if we let animals living their freedom, and kill them respectfully in hunting, surely it is, why not?

Fishing stays a modern way to eat animals naturally

Unfortunately, in evolving, we have developed very artificial, unnatural, mechanical and cruel ways to eat animals, forgetting the hunting ability and creating horrific nightmares for life, where animals are mechanically killed one after the other, hung upside down in terrifying and horrifying atmospheres

And in these very cruel ways, only, eating meat becomes absolutely not acceptable and totally immoral, there is no respect for life and animals anymore

Even fishes from the fishing industry are dying by suffocation during 3 to 5 long horrible days on these strange floating cemeteries (boats), in shallow waters, to keep them fresh when they arrive at coast: they have a very long difficult death piled on top of each other by thousands

Fishes are alive and extremely conscious, just look at some documentaries about coral reefs and underwater life and you will see how they live harmoniously together in paradises made of sand and blue water

And we massively kill them in a long death of suffocating on these creepy floating cemeteries, how cruel and absurd it is? Why are we so disconnected from life? Native americans and aborigenes were respecting all animal lives, why are we so disrespectful and immoral? And so mechanical, robotic, soulless? Did we miss something in our evolution?

Pythagoras, Plato, da Vinci, Voltaire and most actors of the Renaissance showed us the road through vegetarianism, but we finally completely lost ourselves in this strange "modern" inhumane situation

This is here that the vegan movement begins, and it is truely important to understand that vegans don’t fight against eating meat, or chicken, or fish, they fight against the inverted society in which we live, where blinding materialism has destroyed humanism

Instagram and netflix is now better than walking in nature or riding a horse, we have become too much electronic and thinkful and have lost the silence of life, the silence of the souls of both animals and humans

If we learn to listen this simple silence again, we will rapidly understand that slaughterhouses are an aberration, and that maltreating animals like we do is not possible anymore

Firstly, we stole their freedom in closing them somewhere and writing their destiny since their birth: they live to be killed and eaten, this is their only one goal, purpose in existence, as alive beings

This is what we decide for them, they birth to be killed and eaten by some humans, nothing more; so are we really considering them as alive beings? Or just objects that receive life to serve us from their birth to their death?

Alive and free beings or simple objects which feed humans?

We stole their freedom and their free will for their entire existence on Earth; they will know only one location for their whole life, a meadow, a farm, worse a warehouse, with their death written in advance

Nature has absolutely not been made for this and what we do is totally insane and unconscious, we are against the nature itself

It is a total aberration

Secondly, we use animals as vulgar merchandise, putting them in plastic packagings, and exchanging them for money, giving no fuck about the fact that they are alive beings and that we need to respect that

It is reinforcing the aberration

Thirdly, we kill them one after another in slaughterhouses, machinally, with a knife or an electric pistol, for hours, forgetting that we have emotions and compassion, making us crazy psychopaths at the end of the day

I confirm you that yes, eating meat today is an aberration

Chicken are vaccinated and thrown into funnels like they were plastic toys

Those who are not going to be farmed are directly crushed in a machine

No words

And the worst in all of this, is that most of animals in slaughterhouses are maltreated, hung upside down, drained of their blood upside down, and sometimes even beaten

Are we fucking monsters or humans?

Where are we going? Is evolution brang us there?


I don’t think so, I think that evolution should push us to respect all animal lives and keep a contact with nature like fishing the sunday

The rest of our alimentation should stay mostly vegetarian, and our teeth prove it

Eating fishes, eggs, lentils, peas, chickpeas, falafels, green beans, red beans and vegetable burgers are definitely the only proteins that we truely need

Vitamins B12 are found in mushrooms, eggs and algae, as vitamins D, also synthesized through the sun

So why do we continue to eat meat?

Simply because we don't care about animals, they are just our objects of suffering

Is that an emotional issue? Surely, most of humanity has forgotten how to use their heart, creating very strong inegalities between races, African, South American.. versus European, North American; we don't even care about other humans, why would we care about the suffering of animals?

It is just about connecting his heart, become conscious, and care a little more about the world around us

If you look animals, they care about each others, and carnivores respectfully kill other races without stoling their freedom

Then look at us, humans

We have lost something about our humanity during industrialization, definitely, becoming unnatural and inhumane

It is maybe time to get back on the right path of our evolution

Think about it, before instagram and netflix takes too much place in our mind, electronics killing our soul

We are not robots, we are humans